DeCloud Strategy for Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

The most recent financial application at 2021 will mostly rely on blockchain and expanding using the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) strategy.

On the next simple and easy to understand below, we will discuss the deployment strategy for any DeFi application to define the best.

As always, we never forget starting from the simple shared hosting that available worldwide.

Shared Hosting


Shared hosting having a real problem for DeFi application as no dedicated resource can be allocated. All the computing CPU, memory, storage, and almost the security settings must follow the Host rule. Therefore, building DeFi application on a shared hosting may seems just for experimental or testing issue. Very not recommended to use it on production grade.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)


Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an another option that the most favorite for any Web, Client Server, Gaming, Online, Hybrid, and even server management. As we rented one dedicated virtual space in one server. It’s an economical choice of dedicated server when the price and requirements coming in not to fill all the whole servers.

For DeFi application, VPS is one of my best choice, CPU can be allocated, RAMs can be booked, SSD/HDD space can be allocated, even network can be controlled, not to forget there are also bare metal option in the market, so we will feel like using a true dedicated server that can use and detect the hardware directly.

But we need to remember one most important things to consider. When the hardware got into trouble, the game is over. Easy to say, when the HDD/SSD fail or corrupt, you will lost your data. We need to minimize the risk by using replication, hot backup, or cold backup. But downtime will surely happen, so I never recommend using VPS for High Availability (HA) DeFi Application.

Dedicated Server


Dedicated Server proceed as we book a whole server or do colocation by put our own server into a datacenter. All almost remain the same like a VPS except You got a powerful CPU, whole SSD/HDD space, and all the RAM. Network speed will still be shared as we will be using datacenter’s network. So the concern is just the same. When the hardware got into trouble, the game is over. Easy to say, when the HDD/SSD fail or corrupt, you will lost your data. We need to minimize the risk by using replication, hot backup, or cold backup. But downtime will surely happen, so we need to think using dedicated server for High Availability (HA) DeFi Application.



Cloud is one newer approach of deploying application. We deploy the application without concerning about the hardware, as the cloud provider will provide all the resources we need. Cloud spread the resources so we can relax when facing hardware failure issue.

Then it will become a best choice if we will deploy High Availability (HA) DeFi Application. The only problem is the advantage itself. The cloud can be very expensive vs. VPS or Dedicated. And also, the cloud cannot survive if the whole datacenter disconnect or having power failure.

This situation, will leads that the cloud provider will be the only big player in the Internet. The provider must have a super datacenter that can protect their client (then more expensive cost it will be) from any situation.

Akash / DeCloud


The new all clear solution for 2021? Akashnet will coming and introduce the newest yet best strategy for deploying any DeFi (including HA) at its best.

The deployment will be spread across all Akash Node that spread all over the public internet. It can be anywhere and on any servers that sign in as a provider. The provider will enjoy and get income for any computing process it proceed. A great business for any host provider all over the world.

Full Decentralized, gives the perfect solution for any needs of HA DeFi application with perfect cost. Very cheap versus any cloud and even VPS. No need to think about downtime as the process spread all over the node and any node problem will be switched to another nodes.

One more advantage, Akashnet is permission-less as no need to bound any contract with the provider. They are all controlled by automatic mechanism that unite all the resources for DeFi. That’s the first solution available for DeCloud.

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And let’s recap how we can do with each solution:

FeatureShared HostingVirtual Private ServerDedicated ServerCloudAkash / DeCloud
Dedicated Resources
(CPU, Storage, RAM)
Safe from Hardware FailureYesYes
Safe from Datacenter TroubleMaybeYes
Safe from network troubleMaybeMaybeMaybeYes
High Availability (HA) readyYesYes