Deploying Secure Application on Akash DeCloud

Any deployment won’t complete if we are not talking about security. In terms for secure, we will consider 3 main things for deployment:

  1. Platform security. Preventing unauthorized people entering the restricted area.
  2. Platform recover ability facing any failure.
  3. And any security cannot be used without a good price and performance.

We will compare some popular solution available on the market.

Let’s begin with the local/network development of a single node.


we put our web application on a single server and connect it into a Database. This is the most popular and we can do it on any shared hosting, Virtual Private Server, or Dedicated server. For comparison between the famous three, please refer to DeCloud Strategy for Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

In term of protecting the restricted area, we can do it by using Native Linux like CentOS or Ubuntu as a web server. While we can protect all of our asset from outsider, it happen to almost impossible to protect the environment against the tech-support team on the Datacenter. Any reason or feeling we are doing the false things on their term of services, they will still have any method to enter.

The easiest to breach is Shared Hosting, the more harder is Virtual Private Server, and the hardest is Dedicated Server. And we need to be fully aware, there will be some text file on the server containing very sensitive info, let say the Database Connection Username, Address, and Password.

Ready to copy and paste and the full Database is now vulnerable.

How to protect it? I recommend using some obfuscator available on the market. It can be any brands You can trust to protect Your valuable information.

How about the recover from hardware failure, problems, or any network trouble? In the past, we can evolve the platform into a cloud like:

This style will save us from server problem, good price, but Database problem can be fatal, so let see the next cloud evolving
And Yes, this is today’s cloud on datacenters. Can prevent almost any hardware failure, and also may have more than one connection to the public. Very safe but higher price.
And here comes Akashnet ready in 2021 later. We chunks and spread the apps across datacenters (DeCloud) and will having perfect fault hardware and network tolerant.

We need to know, that Akashnet relies on Blockchain Technology. Refer to we can see it’s also open source. So we can consider some important things here on deploying Application on Akash DeCloud.

Auto Find Resources

Akashnet will auto find resources we would like to request on our lease. Put the simple technical: We request lease on Yaml file and inform that we need some of the CPU, RAM, and etc. As long as we have the balance in Your wallet in AKT, we will get the requested resources.

Any failure happened, Akashnet will move it to the next provider. And keep relax as Akashnet having a great method to certify the good providers they have around the world.

The only things we need to do is securing Your wallet (of course!) and the dot config (.config) contents of Your Akash suite. Yes, this is the command center and must no fall into the wrong hand.


Local Private Keys to Control Public Keys on Akash DeCloud. Very cool contribution to the ultimate security to secure both wallet and config.

This is the best things, even want to ultimate the security, You can use hardware Wallet like Ledger to enhance the security of our wallet.

Any breach on the akash node/provider cannot harm as they will only get the public keys. As long we keep safe our 24 words mnemonics and our private keys.

Container Based Deployment

Your Application will be contained in Kubernetes/Docker like container to keep it safe and hassle free. Also means that any Application can run on S3, will be running on Akash too.

Provider cannot see anything inside the encrypted container as the private keys keeps on our local (a very safe place).

Blockchain Based Payment

Using blockchain based payment greatly reduce the transaction cost, and hardened the security against any payment methods available today. And the best yet, the wallet is also non-custodial.


Take a long time to choose the correct configuration is the most common things when choosing datacenter or any shared hosting, virtual private server, dedicated server, or even cloud.

When Your chosen spec unused, the bill still running. No Good! When forget the payment, the running apps going down, Fatal!

No longer that serious hassle come to Akash DeCloud is an add-on of deploying our Secure DeFi Application ready. Even the High Availability Validator Class can be hosted on Akash.

Up to 10 Times Cost Saving than Cloud

With all the feature Akashnet have. The price will be up to 10 times cheaper than getting the same resources we need.

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